The Flash- Season 5, A Review

Like Father, like Daughter.

Season 4 of The Flash was to some a dissapointment or at the very least a drop in quality from the show’s previous 3 seasons. Season 5 however promised something potentially new and exciting however with the arrival of Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris’ (Candice Patton) daughter Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy). The season however once again (in my opinion) did not pay off and I am seriously considering if I’m even going to watch season 6.

I think the biggest problem with The Flash this year is its villian problem (this is a problem I feel like Supergirl season 4 has also suffered from and will be mentioning in my review). Before season 4 had even finished airing it was announced that the season 5 ‘big bad’ would be Cicada (later cast as Chris Klein), a villian with a prejudice against metahumans. Early episode hyped Cicada up to be some unstoppable killer, with Nora claiming that Team Flash, Supergirl and even The Legends had been unable to stop him, with the team having to ask for help from detective Sherloque Wells (Tom Cavanagh).

In the end however Cicada turned out to be a pretty boring villian with the team (mainly Caitlin) very easily defeating him every few episodes only for him to fly off and return later. Half way through the season however the team managed to cure Cicada, leaving his niece Grace (Sarah Carter) to take up his mantle. Regarding this I don’t know whether to be happy we’d finally got a female big bad or sad because by then I’d lost all interest in Cicada’s story. At the same time Nora’s correspondance with Eobard Thawne and even Nora herself turning evil for an episode meant there was no clear villian of the season. For such a ‘great’ villian I do wish Cicada would have been used more effectively or even make Thawne the whole season big bad- instead of the constant uncertianty.

Aside from its villian problem another major problem I have with season 5 is its characters, characters I’m not particularly fond of seem to be taking up all the screen time whereas my favourite characters were being pushed aside. Favourite characters like Cisco (Carlos Valdes), Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) and Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) were being pushed aside and dissapearing for random episodes with little reason. Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker), who has been my favourite since day 1 has had slightly better storylines, especially compared to season 4, but I still feel like she’s more of a secondary character. Cisco and Caitlin have been reduced to background scientests and Ralph and Cecile who in my opinion add some much needed comic relief to the show are also thrown on the back burner- with Ralph quite literally being ignored most of the time. I understand that Barry and Iris are the lead’s of the show but the show should also utilise it other characters as well- especially with how popular they are.

Season 5 seems to been all about Barry, Iris and Nora and whilst I don’t mind Iris, I really cannot stand Barry or Nora- which is bad considering Barry is the lead on the show. Barry has changed so much from his sunny and happy season 1 self and he just seems so angry and self-rightous all the time- it’s becoming annoying. I never warmed up to Nora either and her family dynamoc with her parents just seemed to take up the whole season. The argument on whether Nora should stay or go made no sense to me- if Nora is from the future then there’s no way she can realistically stay in the past?

I know it seems like I’m on a massive rant but I really haven’t enjoyed season 5 and it’s just sad because The Flash used to be my favourite arrowverse show and now it may be my least favourite. The show has changed so much from its first 3 seasons and its decrease in storylines is just such a shame.


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